Friendship Force of Western Colorado - Bulletin Board
 Friendship Force of Western Colorado - "A world of friends is a world of peace"
Upcoming Events

Friendship Force of Western Colorado will have meeting published in the Daily Sentinel on Thursdays. 
Quarterly Meetings will be at the First Baptist Church at 720 Grand Ave.

Up Coming Events:
July 14th  -  9:00 AM Breakfast at Starvin Arvins in Clifton.

July  Thursday, 19th @ Unitarian Church 6:15 pm – Picnic, pot luck 

August Thursday, 16th @ 1st Baptist Church 6:15 pm – Club Meeting

Birmingham Incoming,-Friday August 30 to  -Thursday, September 6th 

Baton Rouge Incoming - Tuesday, October 2nd to October 9th.  
 Trash Pickup - TBA

November Thursday, 15th @ 1st Baptist Church 6:15 pm – Club Meeting, vote for council members 

December Saturday, 15th @ Unitarian Church 12:00 pm – Christmas Party

Please call 245-7965 or 434-6904 for more information.

Incoming Exchanges:

Birmingham, Alabama - Aug 301-Sept 67, 2018  Dan Clancy, HJC

Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Oct 2 - 9th, 2018

Brisbane, Australia  June 2019

Outgoing Exchanges:

New Zealand, Napier & Southland 
Nov 2019   16 Ambassadors

 The World Conference will be held in Boulder, CO. at the CU Campus.


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