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Welcome to The Friendship Force of

Western Colorado

"Experience different views. Discover common ground." That is the mission of the Friendship Force. Friendship Force International ( is a worldwide network of local clubs that promotes understanding by connecting people from different countries at a personal level. When local hosts open their homes to people from other countries and cultures true understanding can develop. The sharing of the routines of daily life helps create lasting understanding and connections. It is NOT a tourist program, but provides the opportunity for persons throughout the world, independent of national politics or religious affiliation, to become ambassadors for their country. Since its founding in 1977 FFI has brought together millions of people.

The Western Colorado Chapter of Friendship Force was established in 1982.  We have hosted over 50 incoming journeys and participated in more than 45 outgoing journeys.  There are numerous opportunities to open your heart and your home to ambassadors. If you are not able to travel or provide lodging on an incoming journey, we are always grateful to members who day host, provide transportation or host a small dinner party.  There are numerous ways for you to gain new understanding and change the way you see the world. Please complete the form on our contact page for more information.

When we're not involved in either an outgoing or incoming journey, we like to mosey around our own backyard.  Click this link to see our most recent adventure to Glenwood Springs and The Marble Mill Site.


                   FFWC celebrated our 40th anniversary in August.

                                        Here's to 40 more!

                  Calendar and current newsletter are on the Bulletin Board Page.

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